Isaiah “Leaky Roof” Brown: New AND1 Streetballer

Leaky Roof emerges as the fresh face of streetball straight outta Flushing Queens, locking down a deal with AND1 after he unleashed his raw talent at the 2023 AND1 Open Run in Harlem. With a left-handed finesse that defies convention, Leaky runs the courts of Queens Pomonok House North, leaving spectators in awe.

AND1 boasts a lineage of playground legends pulling off legendary moves. But now, it's time for a new breed of streetball stars. Enter "Leaky Roof" from Queens, New York — primed to claim his spot among the greats. Why "Leaky Roof"? Because when your roof is leaking, you get a BUCKET!

"Leaky Roof" embodies our brand ethos, from his on-court flair to his off-court vibe, embracing streetball with a raw, unapologetic style that disrupts the game. He's the epitome of authenticity — just like us. As he dominates tournaments with his flashy moves, we recognized him as the missing link to bridge the gap with the next generation.

But Leaky isn't just about balling out; he's about giving back too. Every summer, he dedicates a day to his neighborhood with "Leaky Day," showing love to his Queens community. With Leaky on board, the future of streetball is brighter than ever. Get ready for the revolution.