Open Runs: Highlights of the Next Streetball Legends in Philadelphia

AND1 Open Runs is back. 

On Sunday, July 9, AND1 partnered with the Mid-Range Morris Basketball League (MMBL), an organization committed to unifying the community and combating gun violence in Philadelphia, hosted the Open Run at MMBL Shuler Playground. 

Open Runs Philadelphia

With hundreds of players and fans - as well as OG AND1 legends - in attendance, the 2023 tour is well underway.

Mixtape Stars Reunited 

The Open Runs are a huge part of the legendary AND1 legacy. This year's Open Runs in Philadelphia and Harlem feature celebrities and some of the brand's top stars. 

OGs were the talk of the town. AND1 legends such as Shane "Dribble Machine" and Rafer "Skip 2 My Lou" Alston showcased their emcee skills - and not to mention sported their shoes [chosen one embed] 

Mikey Woodz dished freestyle throughout the event and stepped in to judge the slam dunk contest. 

mikey woods and1 open runs

But it ain't just about the OGs; the next generation of street ball stars was born right there on the Philadelphia concrete.  

New Streetball Legends 

Young Jay Nixon, straight from Norfolk, Virginia, was the hands down crowd favorite. He handily won the slam dunk contest with multiple 360, self-oops and a killer mentality from behind the arc in the finals. 

and1 open runs jay nixon with the slam 

"New York, here I come," Jay said. He's ready to take on New York's best.

The top finishers of the Philadelphia Open Runs are headed to New York on July 23 to take on the Big Apple's best outdoor basketball and street ballers.

Watch Harlem Open Runs 

Sunday’s Harlem event will be shown live on ClashTV, a streaming service/app that focuses on streetball content. Jonathan Anastas, the CEO of ClashTV, said the July 9 open run in Philly generated over 500,000 viewers. 

Tune in Sunday, July 23 for the Open Runs New York City stream. Live spectators are welcome at the Kingdome in Harlem.