How Tre' "Sky's the Limit" Patterson Earned His Crown at the 2023 NYC Open Runs

A New Open Runs Mixtape Tour Star From the 804

Meet Tre' "Sky's the Limit" Patterson, a young phenom hailing from Richmond, Virginia, and he's the latest AND1 streetball legend.

Watch the 2023 NYC Open Runs

Challenging Harlem and New York's finest, Sky's the Limit earned himself the crown at the New York Open Runs held on July 23, 2023 at the Kingdome.


"I had the Open Runs on my calendar from the day it was sent to me," Tre' said. "I had the chance to meet so many incredible people and showcase my talents on a major platform. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for the future."

Is Virginia a Hot Bed of Street Talent?

Sky's the Limit followed up his Open Runs performance in Philadelphia for an encore in New York against fellow Virginian Jay Nixon. Jay won the slam dunk contest in Philadelphia on July 9.

Is there a little rivalry between the two?

"Jay Nix is my guy for sure," Tre' said.

"We’re both from VA; he’s from the 757, I’m from the 804, if you know anything about Virginia you know that’s been a friendly rivalry since the beginning of time."

Despite the heated rivalry down in the 804 and 757, don't expect anything more than on court trash talk between the two.

"He’s a tough competitor and we are two of the top dogs out here. Of course when we playing, we’re going to go at each other but it’s all love on and off the court."

AND1 OGs at the Open Runs

Sky's the Limit earned his stripes, putting on a show in front of several Mixtape Legends, such as Skip2MyLou, Dribble Machine, even NBA baller Lance Stephenson.

"My favorite from open runs was meeting all of the And1 legends who I’ve looked up to my entire life," Tre' said.

"Experiencing New York City for the first time and seeing how everyone showed me love and made me feel at home - shout out to y’all!"

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