Ben Wallace and AND1 Debuted the Chosen One Documentary at NBA All-Star Weekend 2024 in Indianapolis.

Two decades after snagging the championship title with the Detroit Pistons, AND1 unveiled "The Chosen One," a mini-documentary chronicling the journey of Ben Wallace. Produced by AND1 Entertainment, this short film celebrates Ben's unwavering resolve and journey from his roots in Alabama through his days at an HBCU, culminating in his historic induction as the sole undrafted player in the NBA Hall of Fame. AND1 takes pride in presenting Ben's remarkable story,
coinciding with the 20th anniversary of his 2004 championship victory with the Pistons. Following the premiere, Wallace engaged in a candid fireside chat with Ros Gold-Onwude, NBA Analyst & Host, reflecting on his fondest memories with the Pistons, his ongoing advocacy for HBCUs, and his current endeavors. Fans can catch the documentary on YouTube here.