Pearl of Wisdom? How a Tiny Gem Inspired the Marauder Shoe Release

The iridescence of the Marauder hits different. 

The pearl is a small and precious gem that comes from the deep sea, and it has always fascinated people with its irresistible charm for hundreds of years. Its shiny and smooth surface reflects light in a soft and sparkling way, making it look elegant and pure.

For our newest product release, the Marauder - available now in both Black and White pearl - it served as inspiration.

A pearl's surface acts like a mirror, bouncing light in a captivating manner. When light hits the layers of the pearl's nacre, it reacts and reflects back, resulting in a mesmerizing effect called iridescence.

"The outsole parts on both the Attack and Marauder feature iridescence in the finish of the rubber," said Kyle Barbuti, Lead Footwear Designer at AND1. "This is reflected in the color shifts exhibiting the quality of the spectrum."

The fusion of black and white pearl inspires a sense of sophistication, style, and versatility, a perfect choice for the Marauder. The logo bubbles dazzle the eyes with every step, creating a pearl-like rainbow when seen at every different angle. From the captivating design to the symbolic meaning, the Marauder tells a story of transformation and empowerment.

The pearl is a reminder that even from the tiniest starts, beauty and strength can come through, inspiring us to flex on life's lit moments and embrace the hidden gems within ourselves.

Like a true rags to riches story, the pearl is born from grit.

The Pearl Collection

and1 pearl basketball shoes for men and women


The new release of the pearl pack showcases the resilience and strength that comes from embracing one's own grit and turning it into greatness.

Commemorating three decades of innovative design, streetball culture, and hoops excellence, this special collection pays homage to the brand's rich heritage - from selling tees on the street to raising footwear technology to new mythical heights - while pushing the boundaries of style and performance.

The black and white pearl colorways are avaible now for the following sneakers:

In other news, the Rise gets a new black and white pearl for summer.