DTG Circuit 2019 Schedule


  • Matt Longshore

    H st guys been I’ve been putting this off for awhile out of nervousness as I’m a loyalist to the and1 brand I do not wear short that aren’t and1 period and if story best ath!Eric shorts in the industry. 3 years ago.I started a sportswear / fan apparel hybrid men’s line sportsahololics anonymous , with 50℅ of the company focusing on selling officially licensed team.
    Apparel from almost any brand with licensing rights. I have been working on prototypes and studi ed almost to obsessing levels since founding the company in 2016 and am fully ready to apply for nc aa with im g. Learfield and hoping NBA as well however I don’t have a lot of negotiating power as I’ve only got a few close f family members in staff but we manufacture print on demand style here in our Denver warehouse which I believe is an advantage in over purchase / under fulfillment issues and our quality is industry standard and abiver…I’m not sure if your current licensing deals with leagues as but would you be willing to view !I PowerPoint presentation and send you prototypes for a possible.sublicense deal or partnership in would not dare say co branding out of resoecttfor.what and1 has done and means to this community.and sector.of the sportswear industry and our company being little to unknown at this point. Any feedback or reply is appreciated I’m an and1 die.hard for life regardless it’s a giant factor.in my inspiration start sportsahoholics anonymous our site is www.sportsaholicsanonymous.com thank you! I appreciate the time
    Mattyice Longshore – Sportsaholics Anonymous LOC 7205200253

  • Thomas Hallett

    Are you doing dog 2020? How do you get in?

  • Willie Johnson

    We are doing the same thing with a sport call point mma and our new program call kids point mma is focus on generation next. We would love to creat a collaboration check out point mma.org/point mma.com

  • Ryan Hayzler

    Can you guys please do a basketball league in New Jersey US that would be the best.

  • David Gabriel

    Hello, I am a former AND1 Live Player “Big Dave”. I had 16 dunks my first official game with AND1 Live and a solid run with them.

    I am gearing up for this upcoming summer here in Port Saint Lucie, FL. I run my own company called HOOPFIT and am all about utilizing this sport to teach life lessons to our youth. I have been around the world and am ready to make a change here in my backyard at home.

    I recently was able to bring in a South American Team to come out for a week and play against Local talent and a few semi-Pros. I have also sent 3 players overseas and aided many young athlete secure their future le in the game of basketball through utilizing academics to move on to the collegiate level.

    I have an amazing event this summer and would love for you guys “AND1” to be a part of it.

    I would love to hear back from you guys. I will stay persistent until I can speak with someone.
    I will even fly out to wherever I need to for this chance to make a change in my community.

    Look forward to hearing from you guys.

    Thank you for your time and attention.

    David Gabriel M.S.

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