DTG Circuit 2019 Schedule


  • Thomas Hallett

    Are you doing dog 2020? How do you get in?

  • Willie Johnson

    We are doing the same thing with a sport call point mma and our new program call kids point mma is focus on generation next. We would love to creat a collaboration check out point mma.org/point mma.com

  • Ryan Hayzler

    Can you guys please do a basketball league in New Jersey US that would be the best.

  • David Gabriel

    Hello, I am a former AND1 Live Player “Big Dave”. I had 16 dunks my first official game with AND1 Live and a solid run with them.

    I am gearing up for this upcoming summer here in Port Saint Lucie, FL. I run my own company called HOOPFIT and am all about utilizing this sport to teach life lessons to our youth. I have been around the world and am ready to make a change here in my backyard at home.

    I recently was able to bring in a South American Team to come out for a week and play against Local talent and a few semi-Pros. I have also sent 3 players overseas and aided many young athlete secure their future le in the game of basketball through utilizing academics to move on to the collegiate level.

    I have an amazing event this summer and would love for you guys “AND1” to be a part of it.

    I would love to hear back from you guys. I will stay persistent until I can speak with someone.
    I will even fly out to wherever I need to for this chance to make a change in my community.

    Look forward to hearing from you guys.

    Thank you for your time and attention.

    David Gabriel M.S.

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