What More Can You Say?

What more can you say about Game 7? The aging Spurs used every trick in the book—including some shots from Ginobili and Duncan that belonged in the circus—and once again stood toe to toe with Miami’s thoroughbreds. After the game, Gregg Popovich said they got beat by a “better team.” Funny, it didn’t always seem like it.

What more can you say about LeBron? Guy does everything at both ends of the floor, and last night, the guy who used to be called a choke artist threw up 37 and 12, and buried a couple of late daggers that put the Spurs to bed. Oh, and if you’re keeping track, that’s two rings, four MVP’s, and two Finals MVP’s. Yikes.

And last but not least, what more can you say about this season? From great basketball in NYC, to a soap opera in LA, and a million stories in between…this season had everything. And with the draft coming up next week, you won’t have to wait long for it to start all over again. For now, get on the playground—streetball season is officially on.