Welcome to New York, Tim Hardaway Jr.

Yesterday, you could ask any Knicks fan what the name “Hardaway” meant, and they’d probably say a bunch of words we’re not allowed to write on this blog. Today, “Hardaway” means the future: after his father went to battle against New York for years in the mid-90’s, yesterday Tim Hardaway, Jr. joined the Knicks as the 24th pick in last night’s NBA Draft.

Junior is a polished, experienced two-guard with both the family and collegiate pedigree to succeed in the League right away. A sweet spot-up shooter and a beast in transition as both a finisher and a facilitator, he can beat you every which way. He’s got excellent size and strength to check small forwards, and the quickness to swallow up shooting guards. It’s an impressive package, especially at no. 24.

But we all know going from college star to NBA rook is about more than physical skills, and as his father saw during the 90’s, not every player can handle New York. Fortunately for the Knicks, Junior grew up this way. Where other guys struggle to make the transition from student-athlete to full-time baller, he’s been about that life since day one. Broadway’s bright lights didn’t scare Tim Sr., so you know Junior is well prepared.