He’s been wrecking box scores and holding up fantasy teams for a solid year, but last night, Lance Stephenson notched his first career triple-double, dropping 13 points, 12 assists and 11 rebounds on the Grizzlies. It’s an achievement reserved for the best in the league—10+ in three separate categories—and through eight games, Lance is playing like exactly that.

Oh, and just as important: through those eight games, Lance’s Pacers are 8-0. Not a coincidence.

Still, it’s an amazing feat— Kobe has only done it 19 times. Jordan? Just 28. So this is special. Like Kobe and Jordan, Lance is a shooting guard, meaning he doesn’t have the ball-handling responsibilities of a point guard or have to rebound like a forward.

But really, that’s the story of Lance. It doesn’t matter if he’s asked to rebound or distribute the ball—he does it because he’s about the team. There are only a few spots left on the Lance bandwagon. Better get your ticket.