The Main Event – Throwback Thursday

Throwback Thursday returns, and this week we’re looking back at Waliyy Dixon aka the Main Event. A streetball pioneer, Dixon made his name on his home court at the 4th Ward in Linden, New Jersey and quickly became a legend at the Rucker. Don’t be fooled though, the Main Event could also ball on the hardwood. Dixon was named as one of the fifteen best High-School players in the nation and after a brief career at Rutgers, Dixon returned to the blacktop. He ended up helping AND1 organize and recruit for the first ever stop of the AND1 MixTape Tour, in Dixon’s hometown of Linden. These games provided footage for the seminal MixTape Volume’s 2 and 3 and gave birth to the MixTape Tour that would go on to storm the basketball world.

The Main Event, despite his name, has never gotten the recognition he deserves as one of the best streetballers of our time. So today we celebrate the Main Event and all he has done for the game.  His combination of handles, shooting and out-of-this-world hops made him one of the complete ballers of his time.