We’re definitely not here to wade into politics, but we never step back from a bit of news about hoops.  So with that in mind we figured we’d offer congratulations to the man in the Oval Office for keeping his seat.  We like to imagine that just maybe his slick suits can unsnap like NBA-style warm-ups so he can take it to the court on a moment’s notice.  Pretty soft lefty jump shot we hear from eyewitnesses.

Barack Obama, the self-avowed basketball junkie took to the court with Scottie Pippen on election day for a little stress relief, and had Oregon State Head Coach (and his brother-in-law) Craig Robinson at his side as the results came poring in.

So no matter what side of the fence you might be on when it comes to all that other stuff, there’s no debating that having a hoops-crazy commander-in-chief is good for the growth of the game.

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