The Dribbling Machine – Throwback Thursday

It’s Thursday, so once again we’re taking a look back at some of the ballers that put AND1 streetball on the map.

Shane “The Dribbling Machine” Woney is another NYC product that made waves at the local hotspots like the Rucker and Dyckman. Shane realized early on the value of setting up his teammates and made a living off throwing alley-oops to his buddy Waliyy “Main Event” Dixon as the two traveled across the country playing for the Harlem Rockets. Sky-scraping dunks and killer crossovers usually get all the attention, but there is a true artistry in throwing a great pass and collecting dimes.

When Main Event came to Shane with the opportunity to play in a streetball game that would be filmed by AND1, the Dribbling Machine jumped on the opportunity. Shane was on point with his passes and the many years of playing streetball with Main Event became evident in the chemistry between the two. They hooked up for devastating alley-oop after oop, setting the stage for things to come.

The energy and creativity that Shane and Main Event brought to the court helped propel AND1 basketball and form the foundation of the Mix Tape Tour. Shane and Waliyy were two of the original six members of the team and will forever be AND1 legends.