Spurs Suckerpunch Heat

It’s on.

The Spurs threw a sucker punch last night. A 92-88 victory in Game 1 in Miami, and if some wide-open looks hadn’t rimmed out, it might not have been that close. LeBron put up an absurd 18, 18 and 10, but the supporting cast stayed home once again—no Heat player besides LeBron had more than 5 rebounds or 4 assists—and a Spurs win Sunday might put Miami’s “destiny” on hold. One title in three seasons with that roster? Not a great look.

Some things are as true in the NBA Finals as they are on the playground: a great team always beats a great player. Sure, almost every NBA champ has featured a HOFer, but just as many have had great teams around their stars. Ever get that feeling when you’re playing pickup with a bunch of average Joe’s, and you feel like you have to do it all yourself? Right now, LeBron is getting next to nothing.

Of course, last time we talked bad about LeBron, he near singlehandedly shut our mouths in Game 7 against the Pacers. We’ve learned our lesson—for now, looks like our prediction of a tight series is right on track.