Sik Wit It – Throwback Thursday

Here’s all you need to know about Robin “Sik Wit It” Kennedy. At a juco all-star game, maybe his only shot at D-I ball and, of course, the League, he served up multiple halfcourt alley-oops and, to end the game, had a teammate lift him above the rim for a two-handed stuff. Scouts might have seen him as the class clown except, oh yeah, he handed out 15 assists and earned himself a scholarship at Nevada. That’s the kind of showman Sik is.

The man gives “service with a smile” new meaning. His alleys are the stuff of legend—between the legs, behind the back, three-quarter court, whatever—and no matter what ridiculousness he’s inventing off the top of his head, he somehow does it with the grin of a man who’s done it so many times, failure just isn’t an option.

That’s the confidence of a man who’s seen it all before. Kennedy cut his teeth on the courts of Pasadena, California, and after an ACL tear took away his first year at Nevada, he came back with a breakout season, dropping 14.6 PPG and leading the WAC with 6.7 dimes a night. Sik made a brief stop in the ABA, but by 2001 he was a full-time Tour member, playing the game the way he loves to play it. He proved himself at every level, but we’ll remember him for how much fun he had while he did it.