Shane Larkin – Prospect Profile

It’s the NBA’s bread and butter. The play you run when the shot clock’s winding down. The move that Stockton and Malone rode to the Hall of Fame. It’s the pick and roll, and nobody in the nation ran it better than Miami’s Shane Larkin.

To be a lottery pick at 5’11”, the other numbers better measure up, and Larkin’s got the measurables to get him in the top 14. For starters, Larkin helmed Miami’s pro-style offense as well as anyone in the country, finishing second in the nation in both pick and rolls attempted points per pick and roll. He’s not just a passer, either, ripping threes at a 41% clip last season.

Not a stats guy? Try this: at last month’s pre-Draft combine, Larkin posted the third-highest vertical leap ever. Not just in this draft. Ever. Dude gets up 44 inches, so if you think his size is gonna hold him back, think again. He might not start as high as everyone else, but he’ll finish higher.