It’s no secret that Memphis has depth on the wing. Tony Allen, Mike Miller, Tayshaun Prince and Quincy Pondexter are all established veterans who have made their name in the game. But of all the young players to play for the Grit ‘n’ Grind Grizzlies in recent years, only one earned “Grindfather” Tony Allen’s blessing as “The Grindson”: Jamaal Franklin.

Franklin, who did it all as a collegian at San Diego St., couldn’t have landed in a better spot. With Allen as a mentor—the Grindfather has already mentioned taking our boy under his wing during preseason—Franklin will see how to harness relentless energy at both ends of the floor, to go along with his strong overall game. And that’s the thing: although he’s a rookie, Franklin has more natural ability than Allen. Could there be a battle for those pressure minutes as the season plays out?

Jamaal is the Grindson for a reason; he’s already known for his tenacity and work ethic, so he may not be learning from his mentor for long. Come playoff time, maybe they’ll be more like Grindbrothers.