Reggie Jackson: Mr. May

Last week our friends at SLAM wrote up Thunder PG Reggie Jackson, one of the league’s hardest-working young players…and now, one of the most important players on a title contender.

The article is perfect match of player and publication: no magazine cares more about basketball than SLAM, and Reggie’s love for the game is unquestioned: he’s been doing NBA-style drills since high school, and when his childhood friends come to visit him in OKC, he doesn’t show them a big night at the club.

“We played Jeopardy on Xbox all night,” says his friend, Zach Hawkins. “I didn’t even know that existed.” That’s how Jackson lives his life: all business, no distractions. With James Harden gone and Russell Westbrook coming off an injury, the Thunder need someone to take on more responsibility; Jackson sounds pretty responsible to us.