R.I.P. Alimoe

We have some sad news to share today; Tyrone “Alimoe” Evans AKA “the Black Widow” passed last night from complications following a stroke and a lifelong battle with diabetes. A man with many nicknames, Evans will always be remembered for his incredible handle, dedication to the game, and his love for his hometown of Harlem.

With an incredible mix of size (Alimoe stood 6’7”) and ball-handling skills, Tyrone earned his stripes torching the courts of New York City as a kid who grew up, uptown. From Lexington Avenue Park to the Rucker, Alimoe left his mark without ever straying from who he was. He was always true to himself, true to the game, and above all else, a kind, down-to-earth and giving man.

Evans first joined up with AND1 in 2002 after stealing the show at a game he never intended on playing in. Traveling with a family member, he went to watch a game at Riverbank State Park and was approached by AND1 reps to get in on the action. Alimoe showed up so well that he was given a contract and a spot on the team. Evans would finish out the 2002 tour with the AND1 squad and would go on to become one of the most beloved streetball players in the world. At every stop of the tour kids would yell out, “Alimoe! Alimoe!” and Evans never failed to entertain.

There is no better way to pay tribute to Tryone then sharing all his talent and creativity with all of you.

We say goodbye to a Legend, in the truest sense, today. R.I.P Alimoe.