Prime Objective – Throwback Thursday

Streetball is full of flair, bravado and self-promotion. Too many guys are more about getting themselves over with the crowd than getting their team over their opponents, and that’s what set Lonnie Harrell apart. To him, being the best was always the Prime Objective.

That’s how he got his nickname on the street, anyway—in reality, the prime objective was to make the league. The DC native starred for the Georgetown Hoyas in the early 1990’s alongside Dikembe Mutombo and Alonzo Mourning, and was the last man cut by the Orlando Magic in 1996. From there Harrell slogged through minor-league ball and, after being cut by the New Jersey Nets in 2001, made himself a name in the street game. At a lean 6’7”, he looks the part of a slasher, but remember, scoring isn’t the objective: Harrell was all about setting up his teammates.

PO did play three years in the newly formed NBA Development League, but felt his streetball background hurt him with scouts. (“The second I dribble through my legs at a tryout, scouts…say, ‘That’s the street in him.”) Imagine that from the man who, when the D-League tryout questionnaire asked what causes him stress, wrote, “Not being in the league.” He never did make the league, but there’s no shame in being one of the best ballers to ever suit up for the Tour.