Nerlens Noel

And the winner of the Nerlens Noel Sweepstakes is…the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Last night the Cavs, facing just a 15.6% chance to win, beat the odds and took home the top pick 2013 NBA Draft. The Magic had the best shot at it (25%), but they’ll pick second.

Now it’s gonna get fun. Nerlens Noel has been one of the top picks in this draft since he was still growing out that ‘fro in high school, but no one knows how his torn ACL will affect his best skills, shot-blocking and athleticism. On the other end, Ben McLemore is one of the best athletes we’ve seen at guard in a long time, but the Cavs already have Kyrie Irving, and just got a promising rookie campaign out of Dion Waiters.

Most years, you know exactly what the lottery winner will do. This year isn’t most years, and that’s why we like it. It seems like Noel is at the top of most teams’ boards, but if there’s a trade in the works…like we said, now it gets fun.