DTG Circuit & Series

In the modern era model of AAU basketball spring/summer circuit, teams are sponsored by a particular shoe brand, play against one another in a league-style format while traveling the country to different weekend sessions. But, such a system has left a void, neglecting—even excluding—a large population of other younger hoopers.

   The current existing circuits tend to cater to and feature the cream-of-the crop of high school basketball exclusively—players who are certain to attract scholarship offers from the nation’s top coaches and collegiate programs. This model leaves out the other 99% basketball players who are not yet at the elite level but who are nonetheless competitive and passionate about the game in a significant way and travel for their team basketball.

   That’s where AND1 is stepping up to provide a platform for the youth players that are working towards reaching the elite level. And1 is excited to introduce its own circuit in 2017 called the “Dominate The Game” Circuit. The goal of our youth grassroots efforts is to introduce our brand to a whole new group of consumers while staying true to our heritage, build brand loyalty, and pinpoint those players that could be future endorsers of the brand.