AND1 Mixtape Vol. 1 – Also referred to as the Skip Tape. This tape laid the foundation for what AND1 is today.

AND1 Mixtape Vol. 2 – This tape was before AND1 started the actual AND1 Mixtape Tour. This volume introduced Waliyy Dixon AKA Main Event, 1/2 Man 1/2 Amazing, Shane and Tim Gittens AKA Headache. All games on this tape were filmed in New York City and Linden, New Jersey.

AND1 Mixtape Vol. 3 – Volume 3 was the introduction to the AND1 player Philip Champion AKA Hot Sauce and Aaron Owens AKA AO. This tape was only obtained by buying a pair of AND1 shoes, and officially introduced the Mixtape Tour.

AND1 Mixtape Vol. 4 – Volume 4 was the first tape that actually documented the Mixtape Tour. AND1 tour visited four cities: Los Angeles, Chicago, Washington D. C. and New York City. Former AND1 player Robin Kennedy AKA Sik Wit It came out of L.A. and the late Antoine Howard AKA Flash came out of Chicago.

AND1 Mixtape Vol. 5 – Volume 5 was the re-introduction of Rafer Alston AKA Skip 2 My Lou. Alston had been playing Division I basketball at Fresno State University and had   been trying out for pro teams the past three years; Volume 5 marked his return.

AND1 Mixtape Vol. 6 – Volume 6 toured Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, and New York City. The tape introduced former AND1 player and New York streetball legend Tyrone “Alimoe” Evans AKA The Black Widow. The 6’8″ Alimoe impressed with his fancy ball handling moves and slam dunks. This tape also introduced Troy “Escalade” Jackson and was the year he was signed to the AND1 Team.

AND1 Mixtape Vol. 7 – Volume 7 documented the year that the AND1 Mixtape Tour really took off. Every game was played in NBA arenas and the best local talent was found in the Open Runs. Volume 7 was the year that Grayson Boucher AKA The Professor was found in the Portland, Oregon Open Run. The Professor went through all the stops on the tour before being named the winner and newest member of the AND1 team. Former AND1 players Dennis Chism AKA Spyda, Robert Andre Svingen AKA Swing and current player John Humphrey AKA Helicopter were the other two finalists along with The Professor. The tape also included a brief appearance fromHall of Famer Shaq.

AND1 Mixtape Vol. 8: Back on the Block – Back on the Block featured a lot of “Crash the Court” footage in which the AND1 team goes to streetball hot spots and plays against the local talent. This tape continued to show footage of the newer members of the tour.

AND1 Mixtape Vol. 9: Area Codes – This volume showed the hometown and home court of every member of the AND1 team. It began in Philadelphia on the East Coast with Aaron “AO” Owens and finished with Kenny Brunner AKA Bad Santa and Jerry Dupree AKA The Assassin in Los Angeles on the West Coast. This tape introduced Andre Poole AKA Sylk and Hugh Jones AKA Baby Shaq.

AND1 Mixtape X: The United Streets of America – AND1 Mixtape X celebrated a decade of streetball dominance by AND1. This tape showed footage from the United Streets Of America tour. It introduced Jamal Nelson AKA Springs and Antwan Scott AKA 8th Wonder, as well as the return of Hot Sauce, who took a brief hiatus from the tour. This tour also featured former Boston Celtics Player Carlos Arroyo.