KICK20 AND1 Vince Carter

The Tai Chi made SLAM’s list of the top-20 basketball sneakers of the past two decades in its latest KICKS issue.

Excerpt from the latest edition:

The Tai Chi made its debut around the time folks were bugging out about Y2K, and by then, the AND1 brand was already rock solid. Between Stephon Marbury representing in the League and the AND1 mixtape series taking over in the streets, AND1 wasn’t some edgling company—they were serious players. Yet not until All-Star Weekend 2000 did the brand nally get its legacy moment for its forever-iconic sneaker. A bouncy young cat by the name of Vince Carter pulled up in Oakland and promptly pronounced “It’s over!” with perhaps the single greatest Slam Dunk Contest performance ever, all with the Yin and Yang-inspired Tai Chis on his feet.