Everyone’s seen that new LeBron “Next Big Thing” Samsung commercial of course.  It’s all over the waves and the web.  But for sure we’ll disagree on just what exactly … or better yet … who the “Next Big Thing” is.  We thank the tech giant and The King for their help, but Porter Maberry, the dunking sensation that LeBron’s posse is in awe of at the barbershop just so happens to be the newest member of the AND1 Live team. Standing only 5’5”, Maberry has had an incredible journey that has taken him from unknown high-school baller to YouTube stardom, big-time commercials, The Flight Brothers, and now the opportunity to travel the world with us, repping AND1 and freestyle ballers everywhere.

Hailing from Grand Rapids, Michigan, Maberry was big on the court back in the day, earning scholarship offers, but chose a different path.  After hanging up his kicks for a few years, Porter decided to lace ‘em up again and get back out on the blacktop, finding out he could fly like never before. “I jumped, and it just felt different — I could tell,” as Maberry recalls. “Everyone was looking at me, like, ‘What have you been doing, dude?’ But the answer was nothing. I’d just been working every day.” With his newfound springs, Maberry has taken the Internet and the basketball world by storm with his incredible throwdowns.

So scope out Porter “What’s Gravity” Maberry on YouTube, and be on the lookout for news on when the little bigshot and the AND1 Live Tour will be flying near you.

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