Let’s Go In For The Kill

On Friday, we said we’d learned never to count out the King, even if he hits the canvas. Nine times out of ten when you play team ball to beat some better players on the street, they run it back, get frustrated, and play even worse. Too bad for the Spurs, LeBron’s one in a billion.

Late in the third quarter, Mario Chalmers told LeBron, “Let’s go in for the kill.” As if he needed to be told. The King hadn’t been great to that point, but he broke off a 38-second span the rest of us can only dream of: crazy block on Tiago Splitter, set up a Ray Allen three, deflect a pass, throw down a vicious dunk to put the Heat up 24.

Manu Ginobili: “In the second half, they just ran us over.” Pretty much. Catch a beating like that, and it’s tough to remember you’re supposed to be happy you got a game on the road.