Lance is Getting Tired…

Anyone who’s seen Lance Stephenson play knows he doesn’t get tired easily. That’s the privilege of being Born Ready—he’s still running when other guys are mouth-breathing. But lately Lance has had a great reason to be tired: he’s been hearing the same three questions for weeks.

He’s nasty on the court, but off the court Lance has too much class to get up in a reporter’s face. Good thing we’re here—here are the answers to the questions Lance has been getting lately.

1. What about your contract for next season?

He seems pretty focused on dropping 17, 5 and 7 every night while locking down his opponents’ best scorer. Something tells us the contract will take care of itself.

2. Do you care about starting?

No. He cares about finishing.

3. You’re playing at close to All-Star level. Can you keep it up?

Funny, his opponents have been asking that question too. Why don’t you ask them?