Jimmy V Classic

No matter what team you root for, what flag you wave or who your favorite player is, we can all spot a good cause. AND1 would like to send a very special shout-out to all of those studnet-athletes that recently competed in the Jimmy V Classic. Conceived in 1995 and moved to the world’s most famous arena before the ’02 tournament, the 2 game set has raised countless dollars for the Jimmy V Foundation for cancer research. As the holiday season fast approaches (or is already here for our Jewish ballers) the AND1 family would love to ask if you could take a moment to hug a family member and think about what’s truly important.

If you’ve never seen the classic Jimmy V speech, you can find it here (be prepared with a case of Kleenex): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HuoVM9nm42E

And if you’re in the giving mood, head over to www.JimmyV.org to make a donation.

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