High Octane – Throwback Thursday

John Harvey grew up in the Bronx, with a view of the Rucker from across the river, and the hops to just about jump there if he wanted to. Harvey, who starred as a collegian for the LIU Post Pioneers, was just a few months out of school when the AND1 Mix Tape Tour hit Manhattan’s Upper West Side. High Octane showed up, showed out, and by summer’s end had made himself a fixture with the Tour. Check his power on AND1 Mix Tapes 5, 6 and 7 – Octane regularly gets his head even with the rim …and he’s as in awe of his vertical as everyone else.

“When we’re playing against each other, it’s something out of a comic book,” he says. “It’s like Superman meets Batman, and you’re fighting for that pride.” Maybe it’s no coincidence that Harvey has a name like a superhero’s mild-mannered alter ego and when he comes out as High Octane, the other superheroes best move out the way.