Half-Man, Half Amazing – Throwback Thursday

We’ve profiled dunkers, dribblers, trash-talkers, and everything in between…but any old baller can’t call out a legend like Vince Carter. You’d need to be Half-Man, Half-Amazing.

Turns out, VC was about six years late to that iconic nickname. The true owner, as bestowed by legendary Rucker Park emcee Duke Tango, is Anthony Heyward. So it was no surprise that, in a 2000 AND1 television spot, it was Heyward telling Carter and the world, “When you come in the hood, things change.”

What’s truly amazing about Heyward is that unlike most AND1 ballers, he was no child star. He didn’t pick up a ball ‘til he was 14, played just two years of high school ball, and never rose above JuCo. But he matured later in life, as a player and a person, and after completing his degree he returned to the streets and made himself a legend.

Perhaps Half-Amazing’s career highlight was dominating the paint as his Rucker team defeated a Bad Boy team anchored by number-one NBA draft pick Joe Smith. Not bad for a guy who played two years of high school; maybe he’s more than Half-Amazing.