Get Out Your History Books

With the 20th year anniversary set to take place in 2013, AND1 decided to look back at what made the brand so special in the first place.

We began by selling T-shirts out of the back of a beat-up car, and quickly grew into a major player in the basketball world. Next we decided to take a crack at footwear and made Stephon Marbury the face of the company, with his own signature shoe and promotional campaign. As we continued to grow, our big break came in the form an unknown streetballer named Rafer Alston. After the tape of the Cardozo High School star made the underground rounds, we got a hold of it, chopped it up, and the Mixtape was alive. Born from the success of the mix tape, we would grow bigger than even we imagined. Soon to follow came the AND1 Live Tour & countless spinoffs: from video games to ESPN TV show’s and the rest is, as they say, is history.

We will be celebrating our anniversary throughout the year and will be the hub for everything you need. Keep an eye out for exclusive limited edition heritage collections, digital re-releases of the mixtape…and more. 2013 is sure to be another in a long line of special years for the our beloved brand.

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