Earn Your Burn

Scouts have a phrase for Jamaal Franklin: he’s a “jack of all trades.” Too often they follow that up with, “…and master of none”—but Franklin is out to show that, in a league full of specialists, there’s room for an energy guy who does a little bit of everything.

Take Franklin’s game last Sunday. A line of 4 points, 3 board, 5 dimes, a block and a steal might not do much for you … but all that in just 12 minutes? That’s crazy production. The game before that, he nearly had a double-double in just 23 minutes, and threw up another 4 assists. And that’s not to mention his defense; watch Franklin once and you know, preseason or not, he doesn’t take a play off. Coach Hollins has certainly taken notice, as Jamaal notched 20 minutes, 10 points and 6 Rebs in a win against the Hawks over the weekend.

Franklin’s Grizzlies have become a force in the Western Conference without a true superstar. They did it on hustle and hard work. Jamaal is gonna fit right in.