That’s right, 9-time NBA All-Star Gary Payton himself is the brand spanking new Head Coach of the And1 Live squad.  GP’s task is pretty clear, find the best talent that will lift the roof off of the place no matter where we go, and work our guys until they play at least 1/10th of the kind of D that made him the only point guard ever to be crowned the League’s Defensive Player of the Year.  High-flying O will always be our game, but it wouldn’t hurt to show off a bit more game at the other end.

But if you really ask Mr. Payton what this is all about, he’ll say it’s for the kids.  Because every tour stop includes teaching clinics and talks about life, whether we’re back home with an AAU team in Philly or around the globe in the Philippines.  Gary’s got a lot to share, about what he learned on the court, and what he learned the hard way off of it.  And that kind of coaching, you just can’t put a price on.

Welcome to the family, GP.

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