It’s getting a little breezy outside. It’s getting darker a little earlier. Maybe you need to head home from the playground a little sooner.

But that’s the beauty of fall—when you can’t spend all day on the courts, there’s plenty of ball on the TV. We can’t believe preseason NBA is already in full swing, and even though it’s gonna get serious in a hurry, right now it’s got all the silliness you’d expect from guys just working themselves into game shape.

Metta World Peace brings the kind of crazy that builds team chemistry and will win the Knicks games. In this video, he’s grilling Tim Hardaway, Jr., about the spiritual meaning of a banana, and asking Tyson Chandler about his favorite toes. It’s insane—and we love it.

The Kings may not rack up as many W’s, but they’re gonna have fun either way. Rookie Ben McLemore will be dunking over dozens of opponents this season, but with Patrick Patterson’s help, he actually threw one down over teammate Travis Outlaw.