Bobcats or Hornets?

Looks like a rough patch in the history of one our great basketball hotbeds is coming to an end. Word out of Charlotte is the Bobcats, after nine years under that name, will become the Charlotte Hornets in time for the 2014-15 season.

Founded in 2004, the ‘Cats made their one and only playoff appearance in ’09, getting swept by Dwight Howard’s Magic. The years before and since…um, haven’t been great. But the Charlotte Hornets were a perennial playoff team in the ‘90’s that gave us talents like Baron Davis, Glen Rice and Muggsy Bogues. With the New Orleans franchise dropping the Hornets name (check out coverage from last nights NBA Draft Lottery to see Anthony Davis repping the new Pelicans logo for the first time), Charlotte has the green light to bring the name back home.

It sounds straight out of a “name the team” contest (and actually, that was how the team got its name), but “Hornets” goes all the way back to the Revolutionary War, when North Carolina’s resistance was so fierce a British general compared them to a “nest of hornets.” We don’t mind a little history lesson now and then, and we love when the League gives a nod to our nation’s past. So out with the Bobcats and in with the Hornets—as any baller will tell you, new threads can make all the difference.