For nearly 30 years, the courts at St. Francis de Sales School in the Belle Harbor section of Queens, NY, had seen some of the hottest summer basketball in the city. But this winter the courts hosted something far more serious than basketball: thousands of people seeking a hot meal and some fresh clothes in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.

After lives began to return to normal and the recovery mission got underway, AND1 was the first to make a donation to rebuild the courts. Many more followed, and the school has raised over $120,000 to keep the game alive and well at one of the meccas of New York high school hoops. Now, after most had assumed the annual Summer Basketball Classic would surely be cancelled, the tournament is set to begin July 17, provided last-minute construction goes as planned. Check the Wall Street Journal article on St. Francis’ recovery here.

The game has a funny way of reassuring us that things have returned to normal; and at AND1, we’re proud to have played a small part in the journey.