Flash – Throwback Thursday

Most professional athletes, you really can’t go up and touch them. But little kids come up to me like I’ve been knowing them. And I think that [makes them think], ‘Yeah, I can actually talk to 50, I can talk to Flash and Hot Sauce’…So if a little kid really looks up to you, he can see you, and meet you, and talk to you—oh, you just made his day.

-Antoine “Flash” Howard

You can hear the sincerity in Flash’s voice, and the expression telling you he’s as awestruck by his teammates as anyone in the stands. You see the guy who used to call his fellow Tour members every week— not with anything in mind, but just to make sure they were okay. And with that, “oh, you just made his day,” Flash sounds like if he couldn’t have done it through basketball, he’d have kept trying until he found a way.

Antoine “Flash” Howard passed away March 13, 2004, after battling multiple brain tumors. Flash was a 5’11” guard with incredible leaping ability and an all-around game that rivalled anyone’s on Tour. But the beauty of Flash is, when you ask his teammates to remember him, you won’t hear a word about basketball.