Go Get It – Throwback Thursday

The stars were everywhere. The Hoops Gym in Chicago hosts an invitation-only run featuring wall-to wall NBA talent—on the court, on the bench, even in the stands. And you can go down the list of names, but there’s only one Michael Jordan, and there’s only one chance to impress His Airness. So when that opportunity comes, you gotta Go Get It.

Tony Jones was well known in his hometown of Chicago for his standout career at Div. I Chicago State. But when he walked into the Hoops Gym, he was nobody. Names like Maggette, Marion, Q-Rich, Michael Finley and others were there, but it was Jones’ play that stood out to Jordan, who asked him to play on his team.

No surprise that Jones turned a six-game deal with the AND1 Mix Tape Tour into a permanent gig. Of course, no one calls you Go Get It without ridiculous hops—check this out if you don’t believe us—but what makes Jones special is the rest of his game matched anything he did at ten feet in the air…and higher.