There have been 12 triple doubles in the NBA so far this season. Three of them belong to Lance Stephenson. Our man dropped 12, 10 and 10 on the Celtics in 35 minutes last night.

Nobody else—not LeBron James, not KD, not anybody—has more than one triple double. We’re about a third of the way through the season, which puts Lance on pace for nine; no one’s done that since ’07-’08.

Still don’t think he’s special? Lance is averaging 6.7 rebounds and 5.1 assists—only LeBron has that many in both cateogries. Get your ballots out, kids.

Okay, we aren’t gonna hype it up too much. At this point, we don’t even need to. Besides, we still got at least six more to go.



If playing in the league was easy, everyone would do it.

Caught behind a solid string of PG’s including Jeremy Lin, Patrick Beverley and Aaron Brooks, Isaiah Canaan headed down to the Rockets D-League affiliate, the Rio Grande Valley Vipers—and because our boy’s a pro, he’s been killing it ever since.

Sunday’s game might’ve been Isaiah’s finest yet. 22 points, 13 dimes, 9-14 from the field, a blistering 4-5 from downtown, a team-best +26 plus/minus … we could go on. And this isn’t just one game: he’s averaging 22 and 10 over seven games, and Rockets fan sites are starting to clamor for the little big man out of Murray State to come back to the big club. League officials have certainly taken notice, naming Isaiah the D-League player of the week.

Isaiah’s got too much game to be down for long, but to us, this is a great lesson. These hurdles happen to almost every player; hell, we remember a time when you couldn’t take two steps without hearing that Michael Jordan was cut from his high school team. At some point, everyone gets told, “no”—it’s how you handle it that counts.

Well, take notes. Isaiah’s showing you how.