Kings All Set for Super Move

In 2008 the Seattle Supersonics, then the basement dwellers of the NBA’s Pacific Division, relocated to Oklahoma City and swiftly turned into a powerhouse led by perennial All-Stars Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook. Seattle fans were crushed, as 41 years of history, and green and gold memories disappeared.It has been over five years since Seattle fans lost their beloved team, and the city is still mourning the loss with each OKC victory.

Well, I’ve got some good news for all our Seattle based AND1 fans, it looks like you may have a team to root for after all.

There’s news abound that an ownership group is going to be bringing the once-storied franchise back home. Half a Billion (with a B) dollars later, a great fan base gets another chance to root on their favorite team. I think we speak for all of Seattle when we say: a big shout out to Chris Hansen, who caught himself an NBA team this time, and brought the beloved Sonics back home.

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Fresh off one the best stretches of his young career, the AND1 team hit Indianapolis for a photo shoot with Lance ‘Born Ready’ Stephenson. First we checked out the State House, than straight to the Pacers’ practice facility to get some time in with Lance. After lacing up a new pair Empire Mid’s, we hit the weight room and court for a Coney Island style workout. We know our man plays with more fire than St. Elmo’s when on the court, and we can confirm that he goes just as hard during practice.

After some lunch, Lance was good enough to let us check out his crib and play a little 2K13 before we took off. We must have been good luck cause a night later Lance hung a 17 point, 7 board, 4 steal game on the Bobcats, who must hate him cause two days after that he went off on them again and stuffed just about every column in the box score: 7 points, 8 rebounds, 6 assists, 2 steals (and oh, a ridiculous +28 for the game).

A special shout out to everyone at the the Pacers organization for being so welcoming and make sure to check the April issue of SLAM for a look at Lance in his Element.